AllBlue Will take you to the blue ocean, Prepare your fins for swimming

AllBlue was created to sensitize people to keep the ocean clean and protect the marine life in it, AllBlue is a game that combines Blockchain through NFTs that will be more lively and fun. 

AllBlue is a new Crypto token that combines built-in NFTs and its own Metaverse, AllBlue will take you to the blue ocean for fun. It will bring us into a virtual futuristic reality. Gaming for income follows the trend of next-gen Crypto coins by ensuring they have clear use cases and utility. The perfect combination of NFT and P2E Bread - Swim - Trade - Earn, Guard the seas with AllBlue.

Win every game and get rewarded for your NFT tier, NFT tiers will lead you to many wins as well as bigger rewards, after you win a few games you will get a reward which is FISH tokens that can be sold or gambled, Now choose your strongest NFT.

Fish NFT You absolutely have to participate in our SocialFi game. The number and Rank of playable NFT Characters you have determines your reward. Token Generation A Token Generation event is a time when project tokens are issued on the blockchain and delivered or made available to be claimed by users, who are allocated, according to the purchase price.

AllBlue Metaverse Game:


Predation Mode:

Unleash your Strongest Nft to fight against other predators, it is your choice to prey or fight back

Adventure Mode:

Explore the ocean to find treasure and find as much food as possible. Your NFT level will increase after eating some small fishes

FISH Token: will serve as the main reward token of the game. It will be used for the in-game economy. It will be issued by the system, when users spend their NFTs, and delivered to them as a reward, according to their Rank and NFT Level. It is used as in-game currency to purchase level ups, purchase NFT energy, as well as a number of other upgrades.

vesting period: also called token lock-in period, refers to the period of time during which tokens purchased in an investment round cannot be sold for a certain period of time.

Socialize to Earn: Socialize is an innovative mechanism that involves using social media platforms to perform everyday tasks to earn reward tokens. Users must have AllBlue NFTs in their collection to gain access to the Game.

Play to Earn: Everyone must play some in-game features to win a reward a